Ideas for erotic games

As a couple for a long time, or singles eager to spice up their sex life? Erotic games are an inexhaustible source of sexual pleasure, a sensual delight that combines the joy of playing, for naughty and good-natured moments. Out of inspiration? Here are ideas of erotic games, to test now.

Erotic games to boost libido

Sexual play is good for fulfilling sexuality:

  • when the passion of the couple fades, good ideas of erotic games can change the daily. By breaking the routine, the partners are likely to find each other better or even to discover otherwise.
  • the lovers of a night can enjoy an encounter with a stranger to test their limits and experience a new form of desire. When one of the lovers is more experienced in the matter, he can guide the other with ability.

Whatever the context, it is essential that both partners lay the groundwork at the beginning of their activities.

Erotic role play, a classic

No need to deceive your partner, the erotic role play allows you to vary the pleasures by inventing new lives. The classic film X, this staging is only a barrier to the imagination of lovers.

Some ideas of erotic role-playing:

  1. Establish a submission game: the teacher and the student, the policeman and the offender, the nurse and the doctor, the two heroes of 50 Shades of Gray. The partners choose who submits to the other and enter their characters using some real props. Be careful, however, to set limits: the submission must not lead to a constraint.
  2. Become unknown: 2 unknowns who meet by chance, in a romantic context or a more wild and surprising atmosphere, the ingredients are gathered to stimulate the excitement of lovers. By playing a new role, partners offer themselves the opportunity to test modern sexual practices, which they will appreciate and may reiterate.

The erotic board game, pledge to the key

They exist in the trade or can be created by the couple with the overflowing imagination: the erotic games of society revisit the traditional game of community by spicing up the stake. Dice or board games, treasure hunt or card game, anything is allowed. With each victory, the player inflicts the loser a rogue pledge. Some naughty pledge ideas:

  • Improvise a tirade in dirty talk mode.
  • Test new positions of Kamasutra.
  • Make a languorous striptease in front of the other – or strip on the principle of strip poker.
  • Masturbate in front of the partner.
  • Realize the fantasy of her lover.

For a successful naughty moment, each member of the couple must respect the rules.

Accessories for erotic games


To get in the mood of the erotic game and allow the lovers to really let go, the staging must be perfect. Beyond heal the scenario, the couple can provide various accessories:

  • Disguises. Costume sexy mistress or naked policeman, masks are easily found in the trade, prefer the sex shops. Other more classic hot trimmings can participate to spice up the act: garters, corset, heels and latex are all likely to boost libido during the erotic game.
  • Sex toys. The erotic game is an opportunity to test adult toys. But simple accessories without sexual connotations can suffice: links to attach to the bars of the bed, a blindfold to make love with your eyes closed, ice cubes to provoke the thrill.
  • Videos to inspire. For a good scenario, inspiration can come from partners but also X videos or cult scenes of erotic films. Watching a pornographic movie at two can also be a source of intense excitement. The more cerebral will also appreciate the erotic literature and will be inspired by it for heated dialogues.

Going to a sex shop, in any case, can give ideas of erotic games. Lovers can film their antics for a report all the more original.